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I am delighted to introduce you to the world of Lightpainted Dolls- where porcelain articulated artist dolls, sculpture and photography meet.

I have been immersed in art ever since I can remember. Hugely interested in dolls and “painting with light”, I combined the two areas, which has enabled me to create my individual style in doll creation and photography.

The vast experience as a doll photographer, great attention to detail and hypersensitivity towards beautiful human and fairy-like form resulted in my creating porcelain ball jointed dolls like no other. Tiny, subtle and delicate, they look perfect when juxtaposed with filigree jewellery and dollhouse miniatures. These dolls are also extremely durable- they will last hundreds of years if handled with care. Such is porcelain, the tough, beautifully-coloured and translucent ceramic medium which Lightpainted Dolls are made of- the material used and cherished by artists and craftsmen for centuries for its amazing qualities.

My photography follows the delicate style of my dolls and reinforces it.

​I make ethereal dreams come true- and you can hold them in the palm of your hand.

Lightpainted Dolls have been exhibited around the world- in the UK, USA, Russia, Poland, Belarus, to name a few countries. They "live" with doll collectors all around the globe.

Thank you for your interest and wonderful support and following!


Lightpainted Doll

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